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Transboundary Water Negotiations - Round 2

This webinar will take place on the 29th Oct 2021.  To registe, please visit the "Contact us" page and send an email request.

This 2nd Round webinar is a further simulation of negotiations between two ‘countries’ over their transboundary river-aquifer system.

The simulations will be continued by highly qualified lawyers and hydrologists, drawing on their knowledge on transboundary water resources and international water law.

The Issue: The upstream country (Hilli’stan) wishes to draw on the resources in the aquifers for urgent public supply needs. The downstream country (Valli’stan) is using a large amount of water for irrigation (which could be impacted by the new wellfields) and wants to expand irrigation – but needs the upstream neighbour to undertake either a dam construction or modify its groundwater use.

In the 1st Round the negotiators set out their positions - but no formal agreement was made. 5 years on after the 1st Round, they meet again, under increasing stress for water. 
Watch how the 2nd Round of negotiations will proceed by joinng the webinar!

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