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Practitioners & Advisors: Resume

Think Tank Practitioners

Shammy Puri

Director and founder of the Centre for Sustainable Solutions in Practical Hydrogeology

Howard Wong
Expert hydrogeologist and water resources systems modeller

Susan Kilani
Expert water resource systems and water quality advisor

Management and Key Expertise

Revival of Balochistan Water Resources
Lesotho Integrated Catchment Management
Coal Sector Restructuring, Ukraine
IGAD Inland Water Managment Programme
Aral Sea Basin Environment - Energy - Biodiversity programme
Belarus Air Quality Management 
Waste Governance & Management  Caucuses countries

Ground Truthing Field Work & Surveys 

Central Java water well drilling programme
Central Kalimantan surveys for land use adjustment
Well diagnosis and rehabilitation Lima Water Supply
Stampriet transboundary aquifers ground truthing for mathematical model update
Wellfield construction of deep boreholes in Dubaidib resource unit
Medium sized towns - Gochay, Agdash & Nakhchivan, water supply rehabilitation

Appreciation of Assignments Completed


EU Delegation, Islamabad


UNESCO-IHP, Division of Water Sciences

Practitioners & Advisors: Testimonials

Advisors to the Think Tank

Experts in the field of Practical Hydrogeology and Environmental Sustainability


Christina Fraser

Researcher at IGRAC


Karen Villholth

Advisor - Principal Researcher GRIPP


Hazim Elnaser

Chairman, Middle East Water Forum

Practitioners & Advisors: Team Members

Advisors to the Think Tank

Experts in the field of Practical Hydrogeology and Environmental Sustainability


Viviana Re

Chair, Socio - Hydrogeology Network, IAH


David Kreamer

President, International Association of Hydrogeologists

Seifu Kebede Gurmessa.PNG

Seifu Kebede

Centre fro Water Resources, University of KwaZulu, Natal

Practitioners & Advisors: Team Members
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